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Talking about your response to the SparkBook questions and hearing others’ perspectives will amplify the impact of your Morning Moments Matter ritual!

We host a conversation about the daily questions at 7:15 a.m. each weekday morning in the the Morning Moments Matter room on Clubhouse and we’d love for you to join us!

Not on Clubhouse? If you want to be (Apple device required), send us a DM on social media, we usually have invites available. Or, we post takeaways each morning on the Connect Over Coffee Facebook page and Instagram feed. Feel free to comment and join the conversation there!

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This Month's Coffee:


Barista Parlor
Nashville, TN


Sidamo & Yrgacheffee


Bright, exotic, fruity
Medium roast.

Flavor Notes

Citrus, Floral, and slight berry

"We strive to blend art and commerce, support locally sourced artisan products and sustain an atmosphere that cultivates beauty, creativity, and community."


Want to learn more about Barista Parlor or order more coffee?